Book Review: They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon


It looked like another ordinary day in Los AngelesThen night came….Evil as old as the centuries has descended upon the City of Angels—it comes as a kiss from the terrifying but seductive immortals. Slowly at first, then by the legions, the ravenous undead choke Los Angeles with bloodthirsty determination—and the hordes of monstrous victims steadily mount each night.High above glitter city a deadly contest begins. In the decaying castle of a long-dead screen idol, the few remaining human survivors prepare to face the Prince of Evil and his satanic disciples. Whilst the very forces of nature are called into play, isolating the city from the rest of the world and leaving it at the mercy of the blood-hungry vultures of the night….


Theirs is a lust that can never be satisfied…

Another excellent tale from Robert R. McCammon.

In this tale of dread, McCammon introduces us to an L.A. that has been infested with some nasty, blood-thirsty vampires.

As with most of McCammon’s works I found the plot believable and well thought out. His characters were penned well and the element of horror was presented well throughout the entire novel.

I was chilled and thrilled aplenty with this book.

This was a page turner for me and I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of vampire stories.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: They Thirst by Robert R. McCammon

  1. The best horror book I’ve ever read. I read it about twice a year and it still gives me nightmares…

    • Mr. Prose says:

      McCammon is one of my all time favorite horror writers. I would recommend Baal as well if you haven’t read it yet. Not as good as They Thirst but still a solid novel.

  2. Kate Friedman says:

    My favorite book of all time. This book got me as a teenager who never liked reading into books. I read every book Robert McCammon has written and love them all. Stephen King has never written a horror as good as this one.

    • Mr. Prose says:

      Robert McCammon is one of my all time favorite horror writers and when it comes down to comparing each author on their talents as horror authors only — McCammon wins hands down.

      If you look at Stephen King as the kind of writer who writes paranormal or supernatural horror and compare McCammon with him in that arena then King wins it by the shear volume of novels he’s pumped out.

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